Who is Demi Sims Dating Right Now? The TOWIE Star’s Relationship History

Who is Demi Sims? What is her relationship status? Why is she popular? And so many questions. But let us start with an introduction. Who is Demi Sims? Demi Sims is a TOWIE Star, she rose to fame after her appearance on Too Hot To Handle. Demi Sims is a bisexual beauty and openly tells it. She is the younger sibling of Chloe Sims. Moreover, after her appearance on TOWIE i.e., The Only Way Is Essex, she has become more popular. TOWIE is a British reality television series. This series first aired in 2010 on ITV2. Later, it moved on ITVBe in 2014.

Furthermore, TOWIE shows the life of real people in the given situations. Also, after the first season’s release, this series gained a lot of popularity and audience. Now, this series has completed 26 series in 2020. The 27th series is in the current year (2021), and it will have 10 episodes in total. Demi Sims first appeared on the show in 2014, which is in the 12th series. Then she reappeared in 2018, which is in the 23rd series. And she is still with TOWIE since then.

About Demi Sims Life

Frankie Sims, Demi Sims, and Chloe Sims

Frankie Sims, Demi Sims, and Chloe Sims

Well, as we all know that Demi Sims is the youngest sibling of Chloe Sims, Frankie Sims, and Charlie Sims. Apart from that, Demi is an Instagram influencer and shares her work on Instagram. She works as a make-up artist and shares her art with her fans on Instagram. Moreover, she is also a brand ambassador and stunts in whatever she wears. Through her Instagram, we can clearly tell that Demi loves to travel and enjoy different places. Not just that, Demi Sims also have a lot of interest in clothes and styling. Her outfit and unique sense of fashion can also be seen on her Instagram feed, as she gives updates about her life to her fans regularly.

Even though she gained a lot of popularity through the television series TOWIE, but she also rose to fame due to her appearance on the celebrity’s dating show, Celebs Go Dating. Demi appeared on the show Celebs Go Dating in 2019. Chloe Sims was also in the same season as her. Moreover, Jack Fincham, Megan Barton-Hanson, and Lauren Goodger were in the same season, which is in the seventh series, and it was broadcasted in August 2019. Well, that was all about Demi’s life and her appearance in various television shows. From this, we can conclude that Demi has made a special place for herself in the television shows. Now, let us look at her personal life and relationships.

Demi Sims’s Dating Updates

Demi Sims and Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago and Demi Sims

Demi Sims revealed her experience with dating and relationships. Since Demi is the first female to reveal her bisexuality openly on the show, she has quite a different story about her past relationships. When on the show, Sam asked her that when did she realize that she had feelings for women. On this, Demi replied that she knew it at the age of 16. She added that she realized it because of Actress Megan Fox and she even used to fancy her. Also, when she watched Megan Fox’s movies, Transformers and one more movie, and Megan kissed a girl in that movie, that’s when she realized that she had feelings for women.

After knowing her sexual orientation, she came out in front of family and friends. It was the eighteenth age when she came out and got a girlfriend. Afterward, Demi and her girlfriend broke up after two years of dating. After her break up with her girlfriend, she was single for a long time. Recently, she started dating her fellow television show star, Francesca Farago. Demi and Francesca met each other online and then started going out in early 2021. But, in a recent post, Francesca hinted that they broke up due to the difference in their personalities. Also, she mentioned that they ended up on good terms and respected each other’s emotions. She also told that Demi had blocked her account on Instagram because it will give Demi a hard time moving on.

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