Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating? All About The Stranger Things Star’s Life

Young star Millie Bobby Brown gained worldwide recognition after her meticulous portrayal of Eleven in Netflix’s popular sci-fi drama series Stranger Things. The actor was hugely praised for her impeccable acting skills at such a young age, much after the success of her character Eleven in the series, the star starred in the lead role of Sherlock Holmes’ sister in the movie Enola Holmes.

While the Stranger Things star has maintained a discreet personal life, media tabloids were able to speculate a bit about the young star’s dating life. Believe it or not, Millie Bobby Brown was linked with one of her Stranger Things co-stars as well! From Romeo Beckham to Finn Wolfhard, the list is quite an interesting one for the actress. Know all about the details of her personal life.

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown Dating?

Despite keeping a low profile, Millie Bobby Brown was romantically linked with pop singer and social media personality Jacob Sartorius! While the two were not quite vocal about the relationship, Jacob reportedly spends the holidays with Brown’s family at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, the relationship between Millie and Jacob turned out to be a short-lived one, and the two called it quits later that year, as per reports.

Millie Bobby Brown

The two did not have a dramatic breakup, but fans were quick to notice that the two have removed all the pictures that they clicked from social media. Sartorius later wrote in an Instagram story assuring that the decision was mutual and they are happy and will remain friends. Later on, believe it or not, the actress was linked with Enola Holmes co-star costar Louis Partridge; however, that was a ruse, and they are just good friends.

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Millie Bobby Brown And Joseph Robinson: Were The Alleged Pair Dating For A While?

Shortly after her brief romance with Jacob Sartorius, the Enola Holmes star was reportedly dating Wigan Warriors rugby player Joseph Robinson. With a mushy caption, Robinson made the relationship public with a couple’s pic on Snapchat. These romance rumors soon gained attention after the Stranger Things star was spotted wearing a Wigan Warriors jersey! Millie even accompanied the player on a family trip after Robinson’s father posted a picture of the two enjoying a meal in the Maldives.

However, this romantic relationship soon came to an abrupt halt as the couple seems to part ways. Fans were quick to assume that the breakup happened after the two unfollowed each other on social media. Insiders claimed that they both were flying in their careers at the moment, and it was just not the time for them to have a romance. The relationship has its run and did not seem to go a long way!

Is Millie Bobby Brown Dating Bon Jon Jovi’s Son?

Believe it or not, but the Stranger Things star has recently been linked to the singing icon Bon Jon Jovi’s son Jacob Bongiovi! According to reports by media tabloids, the two were introduced by a mutual friend, and while not much has been known about this new alleged romance doing the rounds, the actress was earlier linked with Romeo Beckham as well. Yes, many speculated that the two were seeing each other back in 2019. Later, when asked with whom would she want her character Eleven to end up, the star took Romeo’s name.

Millie Bobby Brown

Moreover, she also confessed that have a little crush on the model. Millie even gave her alleged boyfriend a birthday shoutout via her Instagram stories. It seems like the relationship could not stand the test of time and soon fizzled out. The Stranger Things star was linked with not one but two of her co-stars as well, it was rumored that she and Finn Wolfhard were seeing each other. However, that turned out to be a ruse as the two have denied any such rumors and established the fact that they are nothing but good friends. Millie Bobby Brown was also linked with another co-star Noah Schnapp, they are, nothing but friends!

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